Catalog - Single use steel instruments - 2020

Sterisets® Single use Instruments Advantages Quality: High quality recyclable stainless steel. Hygienic: Every procedure a new clean instrument. Minimize infections. Logistics: No more logistic problems with cleaning and re-sterilizing instruments. Cost: Cost effective. Save time and money. Efficient: Can be inserted in sets & procedure trays. Colour coded: No confusion: the blue colour together with the single use logo indicates it is a single use instrument. Colour Coded Our colour coded single use instruments are made of AISI-410 recyclable stainless steel. To accentuate the single use of the instruments, next to the single use logo, we mark the instruments with a 100% non toxic blue paint. Extensive tests have proven the safe use of this paint, test rapport is available. Our instruments are CE marked. Limitless Possibilities A wide range of instruments makes it possible to find the right product for every type of procedure, both for use in our custom made sets and trays as single packed sterile in a convenient dispenser box. Areas of use Emergency room: Single packed; Suture sets. Intensive care: Single packed; Emergency sets like IV line pack and tracheotomy. General ward: Single packed; Suture removal sets. Private hospitals: Single packed; Full OR sets including drapes and gowns. Army: Emergency stock. Single packed sterile All instruments can be ordered single packed sterile, in case of sharp instruments, we use a protection card to avoid the package from being damaged. We describe this as “with card”. Sets and Trays Build your customized medical sets and trays containing Sterisets colour coded single use instruments. The instruments are manufactured by an ISO 9001 & ISO13485 certified company and meet the international standards. STERISETS INSTRUMENTS CATALOGUE Single use Instruments 3 of 42