Catalog - Single use steel instruments - 2020

Together, all of us at The Sterisets International Group (STI) are dedicated to provide you with a wide range of medical products to increase efficiency in the medical field. Oss, The Netherlands This is the headquarter of the Sterisets International Group, with the management, international sales division and logistics department. Penafiel , Portugal - Logistics & Offices With this new facility, opened in 2020 across the road from our production facility, we have expanded our warehouse capacity with 2.600 m², and 700 m² office space. Penafiel, Portugal - Production & Quality Our 3.500m² facility, gives space to our cleanroom, injection molding production, warehouse and laboratory. In our 1.000 m², ISO 7 cleanroom, thousands of medical kits and trays are produced daily, under close supervision of our highly qualified quality department. The Prefilled syringes are made in a Cleanroom ISO-5, within the same facility. Guilhufe, Portugal - Non-sterile Production and Warehouse At our first Portuguese facility, the production for the lamination and folding of our drapes and draw sheets and storage of our non-sterile products takes place. Cascais, Portugal - Medical fluids The newest member of our family... Here we produce medical fluids for Dialysis, Disinfectant, Saline (NaCl) and other fluids. In this factory we also produce scrub brushes, nose sprays and pre-filled syringes. Sterisets International BV was established in 1996, as a result of a spinoff from a medical distributing company in The Netherlands. Instead of only buying and selling, the goal was to start our own manufacturing facility in the medical business. We have been growing our activities worldwide, with currently 5 facilities in The Netherlands and in Portugal, which together form the STI group. 2 of 42 STERISETS INSTRUMENTS CATALOGUE Introduction version 1 25/9/2020